Rahul Pillai

Rahul completed his five-year training at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture (LCTA) and has been working as an acupuncturist since 2004, a Tuina remedial massage therapist since 2005 and a Chinese herbalist since 2006. He has also trained in herbal dispensing and pharmacognosy.

His specialist interests are gynaecology (in particular, fertility) and dermatology, and his practice is profoundly influenced by Canonical / Classical Chinese medicine (CCM). This is one of the earliest forms of Chinese medicine and is very effective in terms of both cost and time, as it provides herbal and acupuncture treatment protocols of beautiful simplicity. The effectiveness of CCM is proven by the fact that its tried and tested herbal formulas are still in use almost 2,000 years after they were first prescribed

Rahul has also taught at the College of Oriental Medicine in Ireland as a lecturer in Chinese herbology and prescriptionology, as well as a clinical practice supervisor.

Rahul is a member of the British Acupuncture Association (BAcC) and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM). He also has an MA in Modern Languages from Cambridge University and is fluent in French, German, Dutch, Russian and Italian, as well as in Hindi and Bengali. He also speaks basic Mandarin.

Austin settles with Ryan O’Neal over Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett

WASHINGTON Ryan O’Neal finally has FarrahFawcettfor keeps.

The actor and on and off again lover of ’70s sirenFawcetthas settled a contentious lawsuit with the University of Texas at Austin over a portrait of the late actress by pop icon Andy Warhol and a drawing on a cloth napkin also inscribed by the artist.

After nearly three years of litigation and more than cheap nhl jerseys china $1 million in costs, the university has quietly dropped its appeal and settled a lawsuit with O’Neal, conceding a Los Angeles jury’s December ruling that he owned the portrait ofFawcett.

The napkin drawing, which the Los Angeles County Superior Court jury determined to be owned equally by O’Neal and the university, will be sold at auction according to the agreement, with proceeds split between them.

The agreement was reached May 7 but became known only last week after McClatchy filed a Texas open records request.

It is, effectively, a total victory for O’Neal, who will get $25,000 in court costs from the university as part of the agreement. He cheap jerseys china gave emotional testimony at wholesale jerseys the three week trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court, saying he talks to the painting, which hangs over his bed at his Malibu home, and that he wanted to keep it for his andFawcett’sson, Redmond O’Neal. The actors never married, but were together for many years.

Fawcett, a Texas beauty from Corpus Christi, attended the University of Texas at Austin in the 1960s before moving to Hollywood to pursue a modeling and acting career. A star of the popular ’70s television show “Charlie’s Angels,”Fawcettdied of cancer in 2009 and left all her artwork to the institution in her living trust.

Her love for the university was part of the reason the school fought so hard for the artwork, even though there were two nearly identical Warhol portraits ofFawcettand the university already had one of them.

“We worked hard to honor the wishes of our donor and will always seek to honor donors’ wishes,” Gary Susswein, spokesman for the University of Texas at Austin, told McClatchy. “In so doing, we also sought to secure a piece of art that has cultural significance and is valuable in our academic, educational and outreach missions. At this point in time, though, this agreement is the appropriate resolution.”

O’Neal’s attorney, Marty Singer, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The napkin, held by the university, shows split hearts with the inscriptions “to Farrah F. and Ryan O.” and in a corner, a heart with the words “Houston Texas” in it. (They were at a dinner in Houston when Warhol grabbed a napkin and drew on it.) It’s signed, “Andy Warhol.”

During the trial, experts for the university valued the napkin at $3,500. Susswein said there was no date yet for an auction for the framed 20 by 20 inch napkin. The colorful portrait ofFawcett, which shows her with bright green eyes and eye shadow and red, red lips, was valued at $12 million. But both may well be worth more after the publicity from the trial.

“I think there’s a really keen interest in anything done by Warhol,” said Nadine Granoff, a Washington based appraiser with Art Experts Inc. And the trial helps. “It’s keeping the brand in the public eye. He was always about the brand.”

Douglas Hunt, a New York senior analyst with Art Experts Inc., said, “Warhol continues to be one of the biggest auction draws.”

The pop artist, who died in 1987, is also popular with the public.

The university’s portrait ofFawcettisn’t currently on display at its Blanton Museum of Art, although it cheap jerseys has attracted visitors when it has been.

“It is a significant piece of 20th century artwork and an important part of our collection that will undoubtedly be displayed again in the future,” said Susswein.Articles Connexes:

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Bush asserted control in the wake of the Reagan assassination attempt on March 30, 1981, and the Soviet Union was poised to invade Poland to suppress a labor uprising. Reagan merely turned toward the press line and waved. Next to Donaldson, a 25 year old man in a trench coat flexed his knees and raised his hands in a marksman stance. With a revolver he had purchased at a Dallas pawnshop, John W. Hinckley Jr. fired six shots. It was the 70th day of the Reagan presidency. Accounts of the afternoon tend to be dominated by the sensational storyline of Secretary of State declaration that in control here. Bush pitch perfect reaction to the crisis lies largely unexplored in the shadow of history. He had only recently been Reagan energetic opponent, a fact that was fresh in the memories of Reagan loyalists. The steady hand he showed after the assassination attempt would linger in the minds of his admirers as one of the defining moments of his public career. Now 90, Bush consented cheap mlb jerseys to an email interview