Fallopian tube dysfunction

A combination of Western and Chinese medicine is the most effective way to treat tubal obstruction.

A study into the effective treatment for tubal obstruction was carried out in China. The results of 120 women, who has been divided into 3 treatment groups, were compared. One group received a combination of Western medical treatment and Chinese herbal medicine, one group received Chinese herbal medicine only, and another group received Western medical treatment only. After treatment, the fallopian tube patency rate was 86.7% and the pregnancy rate was 85% in the combined Chinese and Western medicine group. In the Chinese medicine only group, it was 66.7% and 66.3%, and in the Western medicine only group, it was 53.3% and 50%. The results of the combination group were significant. The study concludes that the combination of western and Chinese medicine is the most effective method in treating tubal obstruction.

Kang JL, Xia W, He QY (Clinical study on treatment of oviduct obstruction by integrative traditional Chinese and Western medicine). Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 2001, 21 (6): 416-8.

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