Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Chinese herbal medicine is more effective in restoring ovulation and normal BBT than metformin

The effectiveness of a Chinese formula called Tian Gui Fang was tested in comparison to the drug, metformin on patients with PCOS. The patients were divided into two groups, each of which was treated with either metformin or Tian Gui Fang for a period of 3 months. After the treatment, 4 out of the 8 patients on metformin had restoration of their menstrual cycle, and two of them had bi-phasic BBT. Their testosterone levels had also decreased.

In the group that received the Chinese medicine, 6 patients out of the 8 had a restored menstrual cycle, as well as a bi-phasic BBT, and both testosterone levels and body mass index had decreased significantly.

The conclusion of the study was that both therapies can induce ovulation, but that Chinese herbal medicine is more effective in restoring ovulation and normal BBT measures than metformin.

‘Study on treatment of hyperandrogenism and hyperinsulinism in PCOS with Chinese herbal formula, Tian Gui Fang’, Hou J, Yu J, Wei M 2000.

Chinese herbal medicine can significantly reduce plasma LH in PCOS patients

The effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine was tested on patients with high LH levels due to PCOS. The conclusion was that 8 weeks of treatment with Chinese herbal medicine significantly reduced plasma LH

‘Effects of Unkei-to, a herbal medicine, on endocrine function and ovulation in women with high basal levels of LH secretion’ J Reprod. Med 2001 May, Sakai M

Chinese herbal medicine can treat anovulation in PCOS patients

In Japan, a Chinese herbal formula was tested on patients with PCOS to find an effective treatment without side effects that could be used instead of clomid or gonadotropin therapy. After a course of treatment, the FSH/LH ratio significantly decreased, and the ovulatory rate was 70.6%. Serum testosterone did no change during treatment. The study concludes that the Chinese formula may be useful for the treatment of anovulation in PCOS patients.

‘Induction of ovulation by Sarei-to for polycystic ovary syndrome patients’ Sakai A, Endocr J, Feb 1999

Kidney Yin-nourishing herbs can promote ovarian follicular growth, resulting in ovulation and pregnancy

Shanghai Medical University carried out trials to evaluate the effectiveness of Yin supplementing Chinese medical herbs on 35 patients with polycystic anovulation. The patients were treated for 3 months, and a variety of tests were carried out before and after the course of treatment. Testosterone levels lowered significantly in 59.7% of patients, and a regular cycle was re-established. 41.2% of women became pregnant. The study concluded that Kidney Yin nourishing herbs could provide a good microcircumstance for ovarian follicular growth, which results in ovulation and pregnancy.

‘Clinical observation on treatment of hyperinsulinaemia and hyperandrogenism in anovulatory patients with Kidney yin replenishing herbs’ Sept 1996, Zhou LR, Yu J

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