Male infertility

Average male sperm count in 1940 was 113 million per ml, whilst in 1990 it had dropped to 66 million per ml. Furthermore, the volume of semen dropped, making the reduction in total numbers of sperm per ejaculation 50%. Today 40% of all cases of infertility is thought to be due to male subfertility.

Factors contributing to Male Infertility

One of the reasons for the decrease in male fertility appears to be increased exposure to environmental pollutants (pesticides, fungicides, plastics, detergents, lacquers, etc) and the amount of man-made oestrogens in the water supply, but nutrition, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, stress and immune system abnormalities can all be a contributory factor, as can  tight clothing, excessive cycling and hot baths, which increase scrotal temperature, thus effecting the sperm.  A history of urinary infections, sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea (which can effect sperm morphology), prostatitis (which can lower sperm count and motility) or trauma to the testicles can all be a factor, and systemic disorders such as diabetes or hypertension can lead to erectile dysfunctions. (see Common Causes for Infertility »)

Abnormalities of Sperm/Ejaculation

Male infertility can be due to:

The World Health Organization guidelines for assessing male fertility are:

Treatment of male infertility with Western medicine

Western medicine can do very little to improve sperm quality and quantity, and management of male infertility is often unsatisfactory. Clomifene citrate is sometimes prescribed for 3-4 months. This can improve sperm count to some extent, though it does not improve sperm motility or morphology, and no studies suggest increased fertility.

However, the introduction of ICSI (Introcyoplasmic Sperm Injection) has, more or less, resolved the problem of poor sperm quality in IVF procedures, although it is suggested that there is a higher incidence of birth defects when ICSI is used.

Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese medicine, however, can offer a significant improvement in sperm count, morphology, motility and liquefaction, and it can also sucessfully treat varicoceles, retrograde ejaculation and anti-sperm antibodies. Research studies show that both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine effect hormone levels and testicular blood flow, thus promoting the production of healthy sperm. Certain herbs improve liquefaction time by stimulating the secretion of important enzymes into the prostatic fluid.

In Chinese medical terms, both male and female fertility is dependent on strong Kidney energy. Most cases of male infertility can be diagnosed as Kidney Yin or Yang Deficiency. Many cases appear to be genetic, indicating that a Deficiency of Kidney Jing or Essence is involved. In some cases, there may also be Damp Heat in the genitals or a blockage of the sperm pathways would indicate stagnation of Qi and Blood.

Sperm can take 3 months to form, so treatment should be continued for several months. As in the case of female infertility, the practitioner will devise a natural healthcare programme of acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition, in order to improve the patient’s overall health, and the quality of the sperm. Herbal treatment is especially important, as it is very effective in replenishing the Kidney energy. However, acupuncture treatment is also beneficial, and it is particularly important to give the patient an acupuncture treatment just before their partner is due to ovulate, as there has been a study that suggests that acupuncture treatment at this time greatly enhances the sperm’s activity.

See research into the treatment of sperm abnormalities using acupuncture.

Blank Family Foundation Appoints Frank Fernandez Vice President of Community

ATLANTA, Jan. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire USNewswire/ The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation today announced the appointment of Frank A. Fernandez as Vice President Community Development. The appointment is effective February 3.

In this newly created position, Fernandez will be the point person for the Foundation’s role in implementing its Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund, which is designed to contribute to transformational community development of Atlanta’s Vine City, English Avenue, Castleberry Hill and other contiguous neighborhoods. cheap jerseys The Blank Foundation’s initial $15 million commitment to the fund will be matched with an additional $15 million committed to the neighborhoods by Invest Atlanta through its Westside Tax Allocation District, along with funds leveraged from other public and private contributors. The new Atlanta stadium, which will be home of the Falcons beginning in 2017, served as a catalyst for the creation of this foundation fund.

“Frank has great passion for his work, along with a compelling combination of idealism and practical orientation,” Blank Foundation Chairman Arthur Blank said. “He has a great understanding and regard for the human elements of neighborhood revitalization and a track record of success with complex community projects. We look forward to Frank’s leadership of a project that is very important to our foundation, the Falcons and my family.”

Fernandez joins the Blank Foundation after nearly eight years as executive director at Green Doors, a non profit organization in Austin, TX, focused on connecting vulnerable individuals and families to greater socio economic opportunity. During his tenure with Green Doors, in addition to overseeing the acquisition, rehabilitation and construction of affordable housing units, Fernandez led the development of new supportive services including increased access to sustainable employment. He also led, in partnership with the Austin Police Department, the transformation of Austin’s Sweeney Circle block wholesale nfl jerseys from china of the Pecan Springs neighborhood into a stable and thriving low income housing, low crime community with amenities for residents including playgrounds, pocket parks, and community gathering places.

“Transforming communities requires strategic, coordinated investments in infrastructure; well funded, proven programs focused on economic development and civic empowerment; door to door community engagement with individual neighbors, churches, business owners and community groups; strong public private community partnerships; and most of all, shared leadership, passion and vision,” Fernandez said. “I have spent the last 12 years doing this, and I am excited to join The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to help lead its Neighborhood Prosperity Fund and help make this transformative change possible.”

Prior to his leadership of Green Doors, Fernandez was deputy director of PeopleFund, which makes loans and provides business advisory services to small businesses cheap jerseys and non profits, with preference to those located in low income areas or serving underserved populations. Before entering the civic, public policy/affairs and non cheap jerseys china profit arenas in 2001, Fernandez was a financial analyst with Salomon Smith Barney. He earned a Master of Arts degree in public affairs from The University of Texas at Austin, and an AB degree in philosophy from Harvard University. Fernandez, his wife Tina, and children Francisco (12 years old) and Lucia (10 years old) will relocate to Atlanta.

“Frank’s experience, compassion and commitment to people focused community transformation make him a highly respected leader in the field,” Blank Foundation President Penny McPhee said. “We are excited that Frank and his family have decided to make Atlanta their new home and to have someone of Frank’s caliber leading the Foundation’s efforts to create strong, vibrant neighborhoods for current and future residents.”

The Atlanta Falcons and The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation have a long history of investing in projects that help other need, enhance neighborhoods and improve the quality of life throughout Atlanta. Since its inception in 1995, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has granted nearly $300 million to non profit organizations, with more than $200 million of the total focused on metro Atlanta, including the Westside neighborhoods of Vine City and English Avenue.Articles Connexes:

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