Cost of acupuncture treatment:

Initial Consultation: £75 (75-90 mins)
Follow-up sessions: £60 (45 mins)

Mariana Nikolova and Rahul Pillai offer a package of 7 follow-up sessions for £385.

Initial Consultation with Anga Gonzalez (Acupuncture with Nutrition and Functional Medicine): £90 (90 mins)

Follow-up sessions with Anga Gonzalaz: £65 (45 mins)

Cost of herbal consultation:

Initial consultation: £65 (1 hr)
Follow-up consultation: £45 (30 mins)

Initial Consultation with Anga Gonzalaz (Includes Herbs, Nutrition and Functional Medicine)

£70 (60 mins)

Follow-up £45 (30mins)

Cost of herbs:

1 week supply of dried herbs: £15 on average
1 weeks supply of granules: £15-20

The price of herbs varies according to the formula

Artwork courtesy of Procreartezarate