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High Prolactin

Chinese herbal medicine can reduce serum prolactin level and produce a normal ovulatory cycle and pregnancy 


A Chinese herbal formula (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan + Rou Gui, Yin Yang Huo and Huang Qi) was shown in a study to benefit female infertility due to pituitary dysfunction causing hyperprolactinaemia (one with and one without a pituitary adenoma). The medicine reduced the serum prolactin level, and resulted in a normal ovulatory cycle and pregnancy, without side-effects.

Usuki S, Kubota S, Usuki Y, Acta Obstetrics and Gynaecology Scand 1989

Chinese herbal medicine can be effective in treating hyperprolactinaemia.

In another study of pituitary dysfunction causing infertility, 27 women were given the same formula discussed above. 6 of the women were suffering from amenorrhea. In 15 patients, the prolactin levels dropped to a healthy range, and remained low 6 months after the course of treatment. 4 patients with amenorrhea ovulated. 11 patients conceived and delivered a healthy baby. In 3 women the prolactin was not lowered. The study concluded that a modification of Liu Wei di Huang Wan can be a safe and effective treatment for hyperprolactinaemic women.

Usuki S, Usuki Y, American Journal of Chinese Medicine 1989.

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