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Breech presentation

Moxa treatment at 33 weeks gestation increases foetal activity and can turn breech babies


A trial was carried out to evaluate the efficacy and safety of moxibustion on Bl67 to treat breech presentation. 130 women with breech presentation at 33 weeks, who were having their first baby, received moxa to Bl 67, while 120 women, also having their first baby, which was breech presentation, received no intervention. The moxa was administered for 7 days. Women were then assessed and, if the baby had not changed position, moxa was applied for a further 7 days.

At 35 weeks gestation, 75.4% in the intervention group had changed to cephalic compared to 47.7% in the control group. In terms of foetal movement, the moxa group experienced a great number of movements (a mean of 48.5 compared to 35.35 in the control group)

The trial concluded that in primigravidas at 33 weeks gestation, moxa treatment for one to two weeks on BL67 increased foetal activity during the period of treatment, and cephalic presentation at 35 weeks and at delivery.

Cardini et al. ‘The Journal of American Medical Association’

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