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Stress and Fertility in Chinese Medicine

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Stress can interfere with ovulation, as it affects the functioning of the hypothalamus, the gland in the brain that regulates the hormones that tells your ovaries to release eggs, via the pituitary gland.

In Chinese medicine the hypothalamus and pituitary glands relate to the Heart and the communication between the Heart and the Kidneys constitute the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.

The menstrual cycle can be seen as the cycle of transformation of Yin (the follicular phase) into Yang (the luteal phase) and back into Yin again.

It reflects the interdependence and mutual consumption of Yin and Yang. The Yang starts to rise just before ovulation, and it is the switch from Yin to Yang that allows ovulation to occur. This is mediated by the Kidneys and Heart, the organs relating to Fire and Water.

There is a channel that runs from the Heart to the Uterus (which includes the ovaries in Chinese Medicine), called the Bao Mai, and another, called the Bao Luo that connects the Uterus to the Kidneys.

The Heart houses the emotions in Chinese medicine, and is very much affected by stress. If the Heart Qi is obstructed due to emotional stress, the Heart Qi will fail to descend to the Uterus, and ovulation will not occur. Since the Heart also influences Kidney Yin and Yang, stress will also interfere with the transformation of Yin to Yang, and the ovaries with fail to ovulate.

So, please don’t hate, ovulate! 😊😊😊

understanding Stress on Fertility

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