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How Water Benefits Your Fertility

Water is THE major component of the human body. 💦

👉Blood=83% water

👉Muscles=75% water

👉Brain=74% water

👉Bone=22% water

Keeping yourself hydrated is also important for nourishing fluid around the egg in the follicle, the fluid in the fallopian tubes and fluid levels in the endometrium as it prepares to sustain a foetus. It is equally important for the quality and quantity of the sperm.

A daily intake of 2 litres of water a day is a must!!💧 However, people who are Yin deficient are unable to make effective use of the water they drink, and their tissues become dehydrated. They tend to feel thirsty and have dry skin and hair. In Chinese medicine, Yin tonic herbs and acupuncture can help build up the Yin, and rehydrate the tissues.

Alternatively, some people are unable to adequately transform fluids, which accumulate to form Dampness. This causes tissues to become congested, and it interferes with the exchange of nutrition and waste into and out of the cells. It can be rectified by acupuncture and aromatic herbs to transform damp, bland herbs to drain damp and bitter herbs to dry damp.

Don’t forget, water also forms part of Blood, so, if you get chronically dehydrated, this can cause the blood to congeal and lead to Blood Stasis. There are many Chinese herbs that are effective in regulating, moving or breaking up the Blood. 🩸

All these conditions, or a combination of them, can contribute to gynaecological conditions, such as PCOS, endometriosis or infertility, so adequate consumption of water, and the body’s efficient utilisation of it, is vital for reproductive health. 👶

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